Ticket Stub Challenge
The wait is over - Hot Fuzz is now in US theatres!  After you see the film, take a photo of you holding your ticket stub (make sure the ticket is legible) and upload it below for 400 Badges!
(Expired May 30,2007)
LiveMansion Sponsored Challenge
Hey Fuzz members - there’s a new challenge up, but you are going to have to visit LiveMansion to receive your orders!  LiveMansion is an online community where members are working together to cast a film, choose the director and play a major decision-making role throughout the entire production process. This is the first time almost all of the major production decisions on a film have been made through an online social network.  We think this is an idea Fuzz members would be interested in - so check it out!
(Expired May 01,2007)
Greatest Action Film of All Time! (besides Hot Fuzz)
AMC Theatres & Rogue Pictures are giving you the chance to vote for your favorite action film. Not only are they counting your votes, but you will also be entered to win a DVD Super Pack of 10 of the top 25 action films selected, a Shaun of the Dead DVD, an annual pass for you and a guest at AMC theaters, and $2500 cash! Enter here - then come back to The Fuzz let us know what film you voted for and receive 100 Badges!
(Expired May 01,2007)

Dress as Your Favorite Character Challenge

Calling all members!  Support your favorite character from Hot Fuzz by doing your best impersonation and dressing up.  Take a photo of yourself as a Fuzz character and upload it below.  Utilize all of your creative forces for this challenge.  These are big shoes to fill, but a great way to show your Fuzz pride!  As a reward for your efforts you will earn 400 Badges. 

(Expired May 01,2007)
Slang Dictionary Challenge (UK Only)
We need your help to create a dictionary of British slang used in Hot Fuzz.  Help out your fellow members of The Fuzz from the US catch the humor they may miss when they see the film in April.   As a reward for your efforts you will earn 200 Badges. 
(Expired May 01,2007)
Ticket Stub Challenge (UK Only)
The wait is over - Hot Fuzz is now in cinemas in the UK!  After you see the film, take a photo of you holding your ticket stub (make sure the ticket is legible) and upload it below for 400 Badges!
(Expired May 01,2007)
Write for The Sandford Citizen Challenge

Sandford's a sleepy town (or so it seems), and The Citizen is in need of some editorial help.  Think you have what it takes to spice up the town's most trusted source for news?  Click here to submit your own story to be published in The Citizen on the official site www.hotfuzz.com.  Small town stories, music / film reviews, and any other content under 200 words will be reviewed -- and if deemed Fuzz-worthy, we'll post it for the world to see. As a reward for your efforts you will earn 200 Badges, and if selected for The Citizen another 300 Badges!

(Expired May 01,2007)
Poll/Trivia Challenge
Help us make each week’s poll and trivia questions the best they can be - send in your suggestions for poll and trivia questions about Hot Fuzz, Simon, Edgar, or Nick for 200 Badges.  If we choose your submission as the question of the week you will receive an additional 300 Badges!
(Expired May 01,2007)
Badge Challenge
Help spread the word about Hot Fuzz - add the Hot Fuzz badge to your MySpace or Facebook profile, website, or blog.  Send in the URL of where you posted and receive 200 Badges!
(Expired Feb 15,2007)
Recruitment Challenge
The Fuzz needs more recruits –  Invite a Friend to join The Fuzz and receive 25 badges for each new member you bring in!
(Expired Feb 01,2007)

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